About Rocky Mountain BitWarehouse and offices of Moab Bit And Tool

We are Rocky Mountain Bit, a division of Moab Bit & Tool, Inc. We have been operating in the Rocky Mountains for over 30 years servicing the oil and gas industries. In recent years, we have begun a cooperation designing and building PDC bits in Utah designed specifically for the Rocky Mountains. Since, we have had many very successful surface and down-hole PDC runs that have reduced overall bit cost per foot for our customers. All our PDC bits are designed, built and repaired here in Utah maintaining close quality control and tracking of each bit throughout its life. This translates to reduced build, repair and shipping costs.

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We offer a full line of surface bits, completion bits, Steel Body PDC's, Matrix Body PDC's and air hammers with on-site service.

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We believe that all of these products comprise of of the best overall lines of drill bits for the Rocky Mountains.

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Rocky Mountain Bit
999 W. 400 N. (P.O. Box 817)
Moab, UT 84532